Pato Borghiti responds to former Gretel Valdes’ comments

Pato Borghiti responds to former Gretel Valdes’ comments
Recently during an interview he gave Gretel Valdez Actress Yordi Rosado revealed this Separation With Patricio Borghiti It was very painful, and even on several occasions she humiliated herself not to leave her side, however, her son’s father told her that she had to go in search of her “sun”, so he left her overwhelmed with strong depression.

Faced with these profound statements, Pato was questioned by the press, about what he thought, so without “blank words” he emphasized that this actually happened many years ago, so he is only focusing on I’m here.

“We get along well, it happened 11 years ago, we are both happy, so there is not much to comment on. Everyone chooses to share what they want from their lives, and I share with them that I am happy, I love to live in the present and look to the future nothing else. Nothing else at all, All is well “.

At the insistence of the media, Borgti declared that out of respect for their partners, he does not want to remove the past, as it has no meaning.

“I will not talk about what happened 11 years ago because it does not make sense to me, she is married, and I respect her partner, and it makes no sense for me to remove something that happened 11 years before that, I am very happy.”

In addition, the current partner of the leader of “Venga la Alegría”, Odalys Ramírez, who was present, did not remain silent.

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Finally, Patricio confirmed that he had not seen the interview, but that he respected his ex-partner’s statements.

“I didn’t see her, but I respect her, everyone can express what they are feeling, what they felt and so well, we go on the same, try our best so that Santino (their son) is fine.”

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