Patrick Siqueira convinced everyone: from the organizers of the Copa America to viewers in the United States

Patrick Siqueira convinced everyone: from the organizers of the Copa America to viewers in the United States

It's time for Patrick Sequeira to show what he's made of, and he's responded in a big way. Patrick even amazed viewers in the United States.

And in the broadcast of the match carried out by the channel You would like to In the United States, from the series UnivisionThey chose the best player of the match, and the player was the Costa Rican goalkeeper.

“The great personality is goalkeeper Patrick Siqueira,” said Jose Luis Lopez Salido, the match's narrator.

The organization of the Copa America is agreed upon with my viewers You would like to From Univisión, because Sequeira was considered the personality of the match, the MVP (most valuable of the match), as he is usually called in the United States.

It seems strange that Siqueira had to wait to evaluate the Copa America. The 25-year-old goalkeeper was the star of the first two matches of the encounter, but St. Kitts and Nevis and Granada asked little or nothing of him.

From a young age, Patrick went to Spain to pursue his football career and little is known about his circumstances. For this reason, in the Copa America and especially against Brazil, he found the perfect thermometer to measure.

“Grateful for the people who are always there, my family, my friends, my girlfriend and I are happy. You always have to have a little bit of luck in it, like I was lucky when the ball went off the rails because the ball went to the other side,” said Patrick Sequeira. You would like to, He pointed to Lucas Paqueta's shot that hit the vertical.

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Patrick added that the goalless draw against Brazil is very important for the group's confidence. “We played a great game against a great opponent and we did it. Now continue to do things the same way or better. I dreamed of this and thank God it has come true,” said Patrick Sequeira.

Patrick had decisive moments against Brazil, as happened in the 6th and 24th minutes, when he came out to face Rafinha. In the second, he covered the bullet with his chest.

In the 62nd minute, Lucas Paqueta shot the ball into the left corner. In the 71st minute, the goal was saved, or what could have been an own goal, by Haxel Quiros, who wanted to head the ball into the goal, but Siqueira, who followed the play, managed to clear it into the goal. Corner kick.

For many, the challenge of being the starting goalkeeper for the national team is greater for Patrick Sequeira because he must replace Keylor Navas. Halcón put an end to his career with Tricolor, and Gustavo Alfaro, the national team coach, gave Siqueira confidence and ownership.

Patrick must write his own story and must give his best in the Copa America, as he showed so dramatically against Brazil. At the moment, Patrick has gained confidence and shown that there is a goalkeeper in the national team.

The goalkeeper added only his sixth international cap. He made his debut in September 2022, taking part in two friendly matches, his only action until 2024, when he played against Uruguay, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Granada and now Brazil.

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Patrick characters

Serve by hand: 5

Kick submission: 5

Serves good: 6

bad service: 2

Foot clearance: 1

Covered: 3

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