Paul George is leaving the Clippers and is on the cusp of joining the Eastern Conference team

Paul George is leaving the Clippers and is on the cusp of joining the Eastern Conference team

Paul George has become a highly sought-after player for many NBA teams. However, there is one franchise that is the favorite to land the player in free agency next year.

George is about to join the Sixers

According to reports from reliable sources, the Philadelphia 76ers are actively considering the possibility of acquiring both Paul George and Joel Embiid in their quest for a championship, but they also have a strong interest in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

This news has sparked great interest and speculation among basketball fans and experts. According to journalist Mark Stein, the 76ers are working on a scenario in which they could sign both Paul George and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in free agency.

Both players are unrestricted free agents, allowing the 76ers to use their draft assets to free up more cap space. This strategy by the 76ers demonstrates their ambition to build a competitive team and make the most of their cap space.

Acquiring high-level players like George and Caldwell-Pope would bolster their roster and give them a better chance to compete for an NBA championship. Importantly, while reports indicate the 76ers are considering the possibility, no deal has been confirmed yet.

The Sixers are looking to rally

However, the team's interest in these two players has generated expectations and excitement among 76ers fans. Acquiring Paul George and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope would be a huge boost for the 76ers as both players are known for their talent and skills on the field.

George is a versatile forward and prolific scorer, while Caldwell-Pope is a strong shooting guard on both ends of the floor. The 76ers are determined to build a strong, competitive team around star forward Joel Embiid and young talent Tyrese Maxey.

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