Paul Stanley turned down the role of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for this reason | video

Paul Stanley turned down the role of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for this reason |  video

Alexander Gonzalez Inarito He is an internationally recognized filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, so many actors and actresses are willing to work with him; However, there are some stars who have owned the luxury of refusing to surprise locals and strangers.

This was the case for pee Stanley who admitted in the show pinky Prepare Who had the opportunity to make a selection for the winner of four Awards Oscarit seems About his new movie “Bardo”.. However, he stated that he did not know that the test was being conducted for one of his characters.

Two weeks later, they called the driver to ask him to imitate Chabello. He said, “At the last point they told me it was for a movie from Iñárritu. It’s definitely the one that comes out this year because they shot on Televisa and everything.” Carla Diaz Previously Omar Littlewho was talking to him.

What did Paul do when he received the gospel?

Fortunately, a few days after the director’s son Baku Stanley It gave him the good news that he kept the role. However, he started his work from the next two days. The problem was that he had many obligations at the door.

pee Stanley He emphasized that among other things he had to do, he had to come to his office in the morning today. Certainly, many people agree with Littlewho scolded him for giving up a golden opportunity like the one offered to him.

He yelled at him while asking if someone didn’t let him go: “These are opportunities that can’t be let go.”

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