Paulo Londra surprised his followers with his sporting talent: “Cosa de locos”

Paulo Londra surprised his followers with his sporting talent: “Cosa de locos”

Paulo Londra usually plays basketball and this Wednesday was surprised by his ability to practice it

Everyone is waiting for your return. After the tough legal battle, he had to fight with the production company Big LegacyAnd which could eventually have distanced itself, Paulo London He is more active on social networks and is gradually regaining that connection that he knew how to connect with his fans through music, although at the moment he does so with other activities.

For example, the 23-year-old singer from Córdoba uploaded a series of stories to his Instagram account on Wednesday playing a popular sport with friends, leaving everyone speechless with his talent. Pee A group of colleagues booked an appointment at cling, a property located in Villa Urquiza for those who want to play Basketball Amateurs, they had a good time with a friendly.

Paulo Londra is a basketball fan

Paulo Londra is a basketball fan

Paulo Londra is a basketball fan

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In the videos he shared PeeHe was seen scoring two goals, one in the middle of the match and the other after finishing the match he played with friends from Cordoba. London He was thanked by influencer Grego Rossello, whose Clutch Basket shed is a mission he founded.

The truth is that Cordovan rag’s love for the sport is nothing new, because even in his performances he used a hoop to throw and invite people from the audience to do it too. In fact, at a concert he gave in 2019 in Madrid, he brought on stage Facundo Campazzo, when the basketball player, who is also a native of Córdoba, still plays for the Spanish national team.

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Also, about two months ago, Pee He shared a picture with a basketball and wrote, “It’s nice to find a sport, a place, or something that separates you from everything, to find yourself more.”

On the other hand, in his house in Cordoba, the singer has a small field where he organizes a friendly friendship with friends from time to time. That’s how he showed it two months ago, when he uploaded a video of him playing mince and stunned, like this last time, with his ability to move around the field.

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