Pav Kasol has announced his retirement from basketball

Pav Kasol has announced his retirement from basketball

Former NBA star, Spanish Pav Kasol One already anticipated since the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he announced his official retirement from basketball.

At a press conference in Licio de Barcelona, ​​the 41-year-old Casol said, “Today, I’m here to say that I can already expect more or less than you expected.” “It’s a difficult decision, as you can imagine after so many years. But it’s a well – considered decision, and you need to change gears a little bit and know how to enjoy yourself.”

The two-time NBA champion (2009 and 2010) and 2002 NBA rookie insisted on saying goodbye to “enjoying playing” in his own terms, and “not with injury, not with crutches and activities”. He thanked those who helped make that dream come true by being able to win one more league with Barசாa.

At the press conference, Kasol first mentioned his foot surgery for a fracture in May 2019, which he described as “difficult to recover”. A few months later he signed for Portland, but a new fracture line appeared on the same foot, which led to a new surgery and prevented him from returning to the NBA. Some at the time believed him, he says, almost 40 years old. However, he accepted the challenge of finally recovering and returning to court, with the desire to play against his daughter Rat, who was born in September 2020. In fact, Casol and his wife named their baby Elizabeth Gianna after Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gianna and her godmother Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant.

He returned to the field with his usual determination. He will sign with the Spanish Barசாa basket in March this year to win the ACP League. He will once again represent Spain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Casol, who guided Spain to two Olympic silver medals and another bronze medal, said, “I was able to play with my family and the national team again, and with my team, it was very special, even if we could not win the medal we all wanted in the end.” But being able to play was already a huge hit.

Casol was selected by Atlanta Hawks for third place overall in the first round of the NBA Draft in 2001, but his rights were traded to Memphis Grizzlies. He has registered the Grizzlies right for free throws and attempts. Over six seasons with Memphis, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers (2008 to 2014), Chicago Bulls (2014 to 2016), San Antonio Spurs (2016 to 2019) and Milwaukee Bucks (2019). .

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