Pavlo Panzero was selected by magic with the Big 1 of the 2022 draft

Pavlo Panzero was selected by magic with the Big 1 of the 2022 draft

In the arena of the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, started with the 2022 NBA Draft, in which Orlando Magic was the first owner to make his choice.

After congratulating the current NBA monarchs, the Golden State Warriors, Silver explained about Dratf ” Mechanics’ after a brief speech on the post-epidemic challenges facing the association.

The first choice of the 2022 NBA Draft was Duke’s forward Pavlo Panchero, who joined the Elton brand and became the fourth player at that university to be ranked No. 1 overall. Kyrie Irving Y Zion Williamson.

Oklahoma City selected Thunder 2 and a pioneering set from Gonzalez selected Holmgreen.

Number three went to the Houston Rocket, which went from Auburn to Jabri Smith Jr. His father, Jabri Smith Sr., was selected by the Kings 45th (Second Round) overall until 2000.

Iowa forward Keegan Murray was selected fourth overall and moved to the Sacramento Kings.

The Detroit Pistons ranked fifth overall in the 2022 draft and selected Burdo graduate Jaden Ivy as the shooting guard. Ivy has been the company’s best recruiter since Glenn Robinson became the first overall CEO in 1994.

The Indiana fast bowlers made their sixth choice and their decision went to Benedict Madure of Arizona. Mathurin is the second Arizona player to lead the team in points, rebounds and assists for one or more games in a single season in the last 25 seasons (Luke Walton did it in 2001-02).

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Shooting guard Shadon Sharp, a former Kentucky, was the seventh overall pick. The Canadian player will play for the Portland Trail Blazers. Sharp, R.J. He is the second youngest Canadian to make the top 10 after Barrett.

The New Orleans Pelicans, who held Zion Williamson to No. 1 a couple of seasons ago, were the eighth pick for the 2022 draft and Ignite’s Tyson Daniels were considered their top pick in the G League.

With pick 9, Jeremy Soson picked forward the San Antonio Spurs Baylor. This selection marks Baylor’s second consecutive draft with one player in the top 10 (Davian Mitchell In 2021).

Wisconsin shooting guard Johnny Davis, who plays for the Washington Wizards, has been named in the Top 10.

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