Pedro Martinez admits he asked to be traded to the Yankees

Pedro Martinez admits he asked to be traded to the Yankees

The immortal Cooperstown and Red Sox legend revealed that he had a conversation in 1997 with Felipe Alou about the possibilities of landing in New York, ahead of the trade that would send him to Boston.

In sports, a move can completely change the course of a player's career and that of a franchise owner, to the point where it is inconceivable to be able to envision that the time he was active could have been any different, given the accomplishments that came his way due to leaving the sport.

That's why I think Pedro Martinez With the New York Yankees is basically something that no one would think of, after his legendary career with Boston Red SoxBut this was a position that was considered at one point, as revealed by the former pitcher himself. Martinez He was speaking on MLB Network, where he revealed a conversation he had in 1997 with his then manager Montreal Expo, Felipe Alo.

I asked to be traded to the Yankees, and the Yankees always backed out of that deal, once by Ramiro Mendoza“, He said Martinez To the surprise of the other MLB Tonight panelists, before questioning them on whether this request had been made before his time with him BostonWhat Martinez He nodded and said the conversation took place after his season Si Young In 1997, when he was still a member of Exhibitions.

And guess? When they asked me at the end of 1997, when I won the Cy Young Award, “Where would you go if you had a choice?”, “New York.” (He said)“,”What if it's not New York? “,”Baltimore” (pointed)“, “What if it's not Baltimore?”, “I'd like to go to Atlanta, but they don't need me,” “They had great pitchers. From the National League I picked San Francisco and then suddenly I was walking around and everyone was saying 'Oh, they traded Pedro to Boston!' And I'm like, “What?!” Boston?! Not Cleveland, not Baltimore?!” – said the Dominican, amidst the laughter of those present.

Martinez He proceeded to explain the reason for his choices and the big surprise they ended up sending him to Boston.

The thing is, at that moment I was thinking about a team that would give me and Felipe a real chance of winning (Hello) He told me I deserved a chance to join the team that gave me a chance to win and Boston finished that year. (1997) And at the last place, I just said “Cool, man…”, packed my bags and went to Boston“.

It is important to remember two things. First, exchange talks Martinez It started happening because he would be a free agent after the 1998 season and Exhibitions They weren't in a position to pay a high free agency contract and the second thing was the general manager of the company at the time Red socks He was Dan Duckettwho years earlier, in 1993, in his role as director of Andxposhas gained Martinez By changing from Los Angeles Dodgers. So, in 1998, but as a director Red socks, Duckett It was negotiated again Martinez He later achieved a contract extension for the player for six years and $75 million.

In the end, the agreement ended in favor of both parties Martinez It was necessary for the team to break the championship drought in 2004 and its overall numbers with the team in addition to two awards. Si Young They made him one of the best shooters in history Big leagues. While his constant meetings with yankees It was one of the most exciting baseball games in recent decades.

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