PepsiCo Expects To Deliver Its First Tesla Semis This Year (But Forgets To Notify Musk)

PepsiCo Expects To Deliver Its First Tesla Semis This Year (But Forgets To Notify Musk)


November 13, 2021 at 07:45 GMT

The founder of the electric vehicle maker announced last month that production of the first Tesla trucks would not take place until 2023.

PepsiCo CEO Ramón Laguarta said Monday in an interview with CNBC His company expects to receive the first batch of new Tesla semi-trucks before the end of the year.

“We’ve already started buying electric trucks from Tesla,” Lagourta said. “I mean, I’m not looking to promote to anyone, but this is the brand we’ve been using so far and we’ll have our first shipments in the fourth quarter,” he added, without specifying how many vehicles they plan to buy.

What PepsiCo’s CEO seems to have forgotten is to advise Elon Musk about his plans – unless he has struck a one-off deal with the electric car maker – as the Tesla founder himself said last month that truck production would only start by 2023.

Musk made it clear during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting on October 7 that the semi-model in particular requires a lot battery cells And “this year it was a constant struggle with the supply of spare parts.”

We will not be able to manufacture itPointing out that it does not make sense to launch manufacturing if they do not have enough cells and chips, the South African-born businessman said, while optimistic about the possible start of production by 2023.

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Currently only available Reservations From Tesla Semi, with a mandatory down payment of $5,000 by credit card and another $15,000 in ten days through bank transfer.

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