Peru’s prime minister’s resignation deepens Pedro Castillo International’s government crisis

Peru’s prime minister’s resignation deepens Pedro Castillo International’s government crisis
Former Peruvian Prime Minister Anibal Torres, right, during a press conference last June.Stringer (EFE)

Prime Minister of Peru, Hannibal Torres, One of the four survivors of the president’s first government Peter’s Castle, he announced his resignation letter on Wednesday, although he had already commented in May on his willingness to leave. Since then, his ability and legitimacy as a government interlocutor have waned, especially when he got involved in some very serious public speeches arguing that Hitler, though genocidal, had improved Germany’s infrastructure. His resignation has now deepened the crisis of the Castillo government, which faces the lowest popular acceptance since he took office more than a year ago, according to Ipsos Peru.

Torres arrived at the inaugural Cabinet as Minister of Justice on July 30, 2021, as did then-Minister Pedro Franck, who were the only ones who were sworn in separately. The government of Castillo began with Guido Peledo as prime minister, the right hand of Vladimir Ceron, The head of the far-left party who called Castillo to run.

The lawyer was one of Castillo’s three legal advisers in the weeks after the poll, in June 2021, when Fujimorion and allied conservative and hardline political formations questioned thousands of votes in the electoral court that gave the rural landmark victory. Torres was born in the province of Chota, in Cajamarca, the same province to which the president belongs, a factor who has been an influence in some of the appointments to public office in this government.

The former teachers’ union leader won the elections, qualified for his conservative and anti-regime populist rhetoric, as a result of his alliance with the progressive left, represented by the former presidential candidate. Veronica Mendoza. However, the president broke that agreement in February of this year when he fired Minister Frank and the left-leaning Progressive Prime Minister, Mirtha Vasquez. Torres took office a few days later, replacing Hector Valer, who had replaced the attorney for less than a week.

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Last Friday, as part of the equilibrium reactions without self-criticism of President Castillo, a congressman from the Peruvian Liber Party. Americo Gonza said on TV channel N.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in me, first as Minister of Justice, and then as Prime Minister. “I am retiring after having served our country with you, especially the most neglected and forgotten,” Torres said in the letter he sent to the president early Wednesday. In the communication, the lawyer added that he wanted to return to university teaching and academic research.

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Pedro Castillo faces the lowest level of approval since his election, 76% are dissatisfied according to a poll conducted by Ipsos Peru last month, plus he is under pressure with five investigations on behalf of corruption in the exercise of his duties. However, Congress faces a similar disapproval, expressing a disapproval of 79%, according to the same poll.

The first investigation of the President of the Republic Former Prosecutor General, Zoraida Avalos, opened at the end of her term for leverage on the 2021 military promotions. In May, Acting Prosecutor Pablo Sánchez launched another investigation into Castillo, the former Secretary General of the Presidency, two nephews of the President, and former Minister of Transportation, Juan Silva’s criminal organization, influence and aggravate complicity in bidding for a multi-million dollar public business in the Amazon.

In this case, known as Puente Tarata, his relatives, one of whom was a fugitive, had colluded with the interest managers of the construction consortium, and with Silva. Former Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic Bruno Pacheco He turned himself in more than a week ago, provided information to prosecutors, and former Minister Silva is still at large. The concerned directors of departments act as informants before the Public Prosecution.

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In addition, the new attorney general, who took office at the beginning of July, opened a new investigation with the president two weeks ago into the alleged cover-up after the ousted Minister of the Interior, Mariano Gonzalez, attributed his dismissal to Castillo’s unease to create a special group of police officers requested by the team of prosecutors. The two years who are investigating the corruption of the head of state and his entourage. Anibal Torres was the prime minister who has been in office longer, just over five months, than his predecessors.

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