Peruvian national team Who is Oliver Son and what did he talk to Juan Reynoso during his visit to Denmark? | 2026 Qualifiers | Total Sports

Peruvian national team Who is Oliver Son and what did he talk to Juan Reynoso during his visit to Denmark?  |  2026 Qualifiers |  Total Sports

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In cold Denmark, but Peruvian heat, they sat down at the table Reynoso And Sony To talk about the plans that are in the national team, which includes a football player who plays in defence.

tour that he made Reynoso Until now it consisted of meetings with players already included in the national team, but its task went further, namely to “convince” the players to strengthen the team, as happened at one time with Lapadula in the era of Garica.

El Comercio managed to figure out that it wasn’t just a dinner between them Oliver SonAnd Juan Reynoso and technical leadership. They also went to the facilities of Silkeborg IF to talk and exchange information with the technical leadership of the Danish club and work together. To better evaluate the work of the right-back.

However, from the club they prefer not to touch the topic too much, so they made it clear to us when we asked them about the details of a visit Juan Reynoso. “The club is focusing on football at the moment.”And they told us.

Who is Sun?

Oliver Son is currently playing at Silkeborg IF affiliate Danish first class, the country in which he was born. He is the grandson of Elsa Christensen, a Peruvian by birth, so Oliver is eligible to play for the national team.

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He is 1.84 meters tall and works as a right-back, although he can also play on the left wing. However, in recent matches he has played as a pointer on the right wing and has done so in great fashion.

What Oliver must do to play for Peru is organize his documents. First, that his grandmother had updated his Peruvian papers, then his mother, and later his naturalization. They have already begun to do this operation, according to the mother herself.

“Grandmother Elsa Christiansen spoke to us and told us that Oliver’s nationality could appear within three months. His mother also told us that procedures had begun and that the player could obtain Peruvian citizenship within three months.”revealed journalist Eddie Fleischmann.

It is expected that the issue will be settled within three months if the process is speeded up, as there is no embassy in Denmark and this must be done in Sweden. After that, a possible call can be considered.

Sonne plays the position of defense or right back. This season he played 23 matches for Silkeborg, 20 of them as a starter. His team is third in the Danish league and according to SofaScore, Oliver is one of the five best players in the tournament.

Finally, Sonne was born in DenmarkHe is also the nephew of former model Helena Christensen, who was featured on the cover of Vogue and Calvin Klein magazines. Godson also walked the fashion catwalks.

The FPF signals that his son has been found

“Oliver Son is part of the player recruitment process carried out by the Peruvian Football Federation through the scouting area. Professor Reynoso was satisfied after learning about the human environment that surrounds the player”added in the publication of the governing body of football in Peru.

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“We are interested in inviting players of Peruvian origin. It is a place to exploit. If they are young, even better.”Juan Reynoso himself said a few months ago and with this visit part of it was done.

“In the coming months, we will implement the presence of a responsible person in five countries around the world where there is a lot of Peruvian immigration.”Chemo del Solar, director of the Palace’s Technical Unit, set out to complete the idea.

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