Peta Saavedra confirmed that Rossi Rivera hated Jenny Rivera when she was alive | Famous

Peta Saavedra confirmed that Rossi Rivera hated Jenny Rivera when she was alive |  Famous

Peta Saavedra, mother’s sister Jenny Rivera, has become a controversial figure due to the statements he made about his family in recent years.

In June 2021, he confirmed that the sexual harassment reference came from his niece, Chiquis Rivera It was revenge For some members of the Rivera family. Soon, the same daughter of the late singer She confirmed it wasn’t her.

“What shall I say, all that money that Jenny had for my mother in an account, where did she go?”

In addition, responding to the fact that the singer’s children asked his aunt Rosie Rivera for an audit:

“They’re late. Logically, they’re totally due because Jenny was always saying, ‘I’m working for my kids and for my kids’.”

Jenny Rivera’s aunt mentioned that there was hate on Rosie’s part

Once again, Peta Saavedra made a fuss when he uploaded her video “False Christian…” (who was then living) Where I talked about family experiences who was living with Rivera and in which he noticed Rosie Rivera’s “hatred” towards her sister Jenny Rivera.

“I’ll tell you everything I’ve been through, what happened with that false Christian priest. You don’t have to lie.”

Without giving a specific name to the person he was talking about, as the video progresses, it is implied indirectly that it is about him Rosie RiveraShe is the only sister of the famous singer who is also a convert to Christianity.

“We were so desperate because Jenny was going to be on Bandamax, and they were going to give her some prizes. We were excited in the room, she arrived with a bipolar character (Rosie Rivera) and she says, ‘They’re already waiting for a pinch* Jenny again I’m sick of her hating her!'” Jenny couldn’t do enough for her.”

“(Rosie Rivera) was filling Jenny’s head with things about me, about Cheekys, etc. It wasn’t the same, it felt weird. (…) They were already poisoning Jenny’s head and who’s plus?”.

Has Rosie Rivera commented on this?

beta savedra Confirm that he has proof About the loud messages Rosie Rivera sent him on an old mobile phone and that he would show them to the public in the future.

After his aunt’s words beta savedraThe former president of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC has not commented on the matter, as she has kept a low profile since she ceded corporate power to Jackie Rivera weeks ago.

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