Pictures of the interior concept of the future commercial airship Airlander 10 were released

Pictures of the interior concept of the future commercial airship Airlander 10 were released


May 28, 2021 19:35 GMT

The plane, dubbed “Flybot”, is scheduled to begin flights in 2025.

The passenger compartment interior concept has been revealed for the commercial model Airlander 10 Hybrid, which is currently being developed in the United Kingdom.

Pictures reveal By the manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) shows a spacious, spacious cabin Up to 100 people It appears to provide a level of comfort unimaginable to the vast majority of commercial aircraft.

The space has soft armchairs that are positioned in such a way that every passenger has access to the aisle. The most impressive thing about the design is Large windows, That would offer some Stunning views During flights.

The aircraft, which combines the characteristics of an airship and an aircraft, will begin short-haul commercial flights in 2025 in the release of the. Electric hybrid Before getting setup Fully electric By 2030.

The main feature of the zeppelin, 92 meters, Which is the ability to take off and land on virtually any flat surface. With ● speed Maximum 130 km / hIt will produce the plane Less than 10% Of carbon dioxide emissions from a conventional aircraft.

“For decades, flying A to B has meant sitting in a metal tube with small windows, which is essential but not always fun. At Airlander, the whole experience is fun, and even fun. A decarbonized futureSaid George Land, Director of Business Development at Hybrid Air Vehicles.

The Airlander 10 prototype, commonly known as the ‘Flying butt’ Due to its unique shape, it has already made several test flights. On one of them, in November 2017, it fell into a field and destroyed the cab after it broke off from the anchor.

The company hopes to build 12 balloons per year As of 2025.

At first, it was the plane Designer By US Army HAV for a purpose IntelligenceBut these plans have been hampered by budget cuts in the US so as not to bury a promising venture, the British company Bought the rights And continuous development.

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