Pictures: Show what Apple Car will look like according to the company’s patents

Pictures: Show what Apple Car will look like according to the company’s patents


November 12, 2021 17:39 GMT

No one has information about the possible appearance of the future car, the development of which Apple has not confirmed, but this is not an obstacle to creativity.

For now, the Apple Car is just a concept confined to the realm of rumors and speculation: there’s no word on possible launch dates or what it will look like, just as there’s no confirmation from the company that, effectively, they’re developing their electric car.

In the absence of information, some are trying to fill in the gaps themselves using the little available data, and one of the last attempts to recreate the possible appearance of a future Apple car was by the team Vanarama, which created an interactive 3D model, says it did so “from original patents” from the company.

The design evokes electronic truck From Tesla to its sharp corners, the first things that jump out are No columns In the glass cover that connects the windows, the windshield and the sunroof. The structure does not extend to the doors and does not divide the glass panels.

In contrast to the Vanarama, the Apple Car features adaptive doors, a touchscreen that extends across the entire dashboard, a steering wheel with Siri, retractable handles similar to the side buttons of an iPhone, and a mesh grille. Mac Pro.

Not everyone appreciated the temporary design. “Oh my gosh, let’s hope Apple Car doesn’t look like this,” the British portal wrote. Tom’s guide, which, in addition, noticed a file Motion vector In the Vanarama version, something electric cars don’t carry.

“It is another indication that Vanarama forgot that Apple Car is widely rumored to be a car The battery is charged“It made me wonder if this concept was actually based on Apple’s patents,” said article author Tom Pritchard.

Media sources such as Reuters He confirmed that the company is making progress in developing a self-driving car with an advanced battery that could be launched by 2024, although Apple has been silent about this and not commenting on existing patents.

As evidence that the company can truly devote itself to developing an autonomous vehicle of its own making, it can serve the statements of Tim Cook, who argued that “audio notationApril that “autonomy itself is a core technology.” “An autonomous car is a robot, and there are many things that can be done independently. And Let’s see what apples doCook noted at the time.

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