Piero Hinkofic wins at FC Barcelona before facing Messi and Argentina in Copa America | Football | Sports

Piero Hinkofic wins at FC Barcelona before facing Messi and Argentina in Copa America |  Football |  Sports

The 19-year-old midfielder has been linked with a move to the Spanish daily A.S.

Ahead of the Copa America quarterfinals in Brazil in 2021, one of the highlights of the tournament, federal defender Fioro Hingkopic (January 9, 2002), was interviewed by a Spanish newspaper. I.S. In it he confirmed that his transfer to any club in Europe had not yet been decided and that his head was “at Talleres de Cordoba” (his current team in Argentina). Hinkopic, who came out of the Independent del Vale, played on a team older than the U-20. Before the game against Argentina, in the concentration of the triangle in Goiania, a man born in the province of Esmeraldas says what he has been living for 19 years on the national team.

How are you?

The truth is very good, they treat me wonderfully here and I am at home.

He made his debut on the senior team without playing in the U-20, which is something extraordinary. How was that introduction?

With a bit of nerves, they are the most complete first games in Copa America, which is very competitive. I took advantage of Professor Albarrow’s confidence and moved everything forward (laughs).

How did Albaro tell you he was going to start?

During the week the teacher was adding me to the starting eleven, I think he warned me he was going to play; The day of the game has come, he is a starter. He told me I should get the chance, who I am and play like I play.

Are you one of the manifestations of Copa America, and are these ideas coming to you through your family or team members?

My family there sends me pictures and I laugh. The truth is, in every game I try to play and deliver the best, everything else comes automatically.

He plays in a league like Argentina, which is not easy. How do you enjoy football in that country?

There is pressure day by day, and now we know what the fans are like in Argentina, even if it is a little low even though there are no fans now. The fans missed it too, Argentina was a good experience, I like to use it a lot, I learn from my teammates.

He will have to face either La Toro Martinez or Lionel Messi. Have you already thought about this?

Yeah, yeah, I thought about it a lot. I watch videos and see how they move and the things above. With Messi I don’t know where it will come from (laughs). The competitor will be very strong today and we are ready for it.

There is a lot of talk about your future, do you want to continue in workshops or are you welcome to immigrate to Europe?

Yes, frankly, I like it. My dream is to play in Europe and be for many years. There are so many competitive leagues in the world. I think nothing has been decided yet, my head is in the workshops, but if something happens, everyone will find out, now there is nothing. In the future, I do not know when.

Which league do you like the most in Europe?

I like the Spanish league. I like FC Barcelona.

Which player is your reference in the post?

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There are many, and I learn from all of them. I learn from my teammates, but my main notes are Carlos Puyol and Sergio Ramos, but there are many higher levels. (D)

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