PJ Armstrong revealed Michael Jordan’s secrets at the Chicago Bulls

PJ Armstrong revealed Michael Jordan’s secrets at the Chicago Bulls

BJ Armstrong was his teammates Michael Jordan in success Chicago Bulls In the 1990s, the first team to win three consecutive titles in NBA. Although aviation retired nearly 20 years ago, in the past hours The kid shed light on Jordan’s secrets and was full of praise for his former fellow Illinois franchisee.

Michael Jordan, multiple winner with the Chicago Bulls.

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“If he had slept, we don’t know how good he would have really been. We haven’t seen the best of Michael Jordan because he hasn’t slept in those 14 years. It’s not that he slept very little, he hasn’t slept…‘, the former rule was judged in an interview with former basketball player Rex Chapman.

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“I saw Jordan play 35-40 minutes a night and then come back to training with the same energy. I’ve never seen such a competitive guy and always active. In training I realized it was different.”

He recounted: “When everyone was tired, the whistle for Phil Jackson and He acted as if he had slept ten hours and was already playing cards or whatever he was doing, not eating or resting well.“.

“I had never seen such a competitive guy and he was always so active. I was in the same place he was and was a little tired. Everyone was a little tired. Except for him, who didn’t sleep,” he insisted.

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Also, Armstrong touched on how amazing the former shooting ranger was during training. “He didn’t show up in training but he was the best player I’ve seen in training. I’ve never seen a kid train so hard and that’s what we have to show the kids because we only show them the games when the lights are on.‘, he confirmed.

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Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls banner

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls banner

Michael Jordan was the great banner for the Bulls during the 1990s. And during the years he wore the Illinois franchise shirt, The former shooting guard became a champion on three consecutive occasions, in doing so, forming the first of the “Three Peat”.

The first time was in the 1990-91 season. On this occasion, the team achieved 61 regular stage victories and won the final over the Pistons and Lakers Magic Johnson. Next to, Jordan won the Player of the Year award – he has five in total – and also won his fifth consecutive title as the top scorer.

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The following year, they broke the winning record with 67 wins, winning the title again after defeating the Portland Blazers six times. Once again, Jordan took all the titles.

Then, in the 1992-93 season, the Chicago Bulls expanded their streak to three consecutive titles, something no team had accomplished since the Celtics’ triple victory in the 1960s. This time, the team beat the Suns in the final and Air Jordan added its seventh consecutive title as the top scorer in the league.

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