play in america? Alexis Vega has not closed the door on his arch-rival

play in america?  Alexis Vega has not closed the door on his arch-rival

He is one of the main characters in Chivasbut Alexis Vega Playability has not been closed at some point in time AmericaBecause it is his job and he goes where he is assigned.

At a press conference before National ClassicGru was taken aback and didn’t say no to the prospect of wearing cream-blue clothes at some point.

“This question was put to my brother (Henry Martin), that’s the way it is Oribe. We are an enterprise, can provide America And if I have no other choice as to where I go to play. It’s like you, they’re on a TV station, they have an offer from another and it’s the only one they have, and they’re obviously going to take it. I think it’s part of our job. Wow, I tell you I wouldn’t do that America An offer arrives from America, and they no longer want me. I must be a professional in everything. now I’m very happy Chivas I will try to enjoy it to the fullest.”

Vega Came to me Chivas in it 2019 His impressive quality has allowed him to quickly become a figure in the Guadalajara side.

“People can get upset, fans, but we’re really human, we feel a lot. I have to take care of my family, my children and my parentsSo what’s better to do.”

Gru will play again with Chivasafter being excluded 2 months due to injury, he National Classic will be his return This excites the fans and the player himself.

“No, I think I’ve only been with the team for a week 100 percent working. Good or bad, two months of recovery is not easy, but if the coach told me so I’ll start, I’ll try to do my best. If he tells me you will play 10 or 15 minutes, I will also try to revolutionize the game and help my teammates. But first of all, decision made by mr (Veljko Paunović) I will stick to it in the best way.”

“Obviously it’s a very big illusion to play this classic With our people, our family and what better than being able to score a goal to enjoy it to the fullest.”

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