PLD intends to elect its presidential candidate no later than October 2022

PLD intends to elect its presidential candidate no later than October 2022

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) wants to select its presidential candidate no later than October 2022, after holding open primaries, such as the October 2019 election.

During a meeting, the Political Committee of the Purple Organization decided that the presidential candidates would reach an agreement with the committee appointed by the Political Leadership Authority, in order to revise the details envisaged in a document supporting the agreement or charter on the banner.

“It was agreed to return to the committee that was set up so that the candidates for the presidential nomination would discuss with those appointed by the political committee the agreement discussed under Francisco Domínguez Brito to process a document sent to the committee for the purposes of discussion,” explained the Secretary General of the Democratic Liberation Party, Charles Mariotti.

Adelantó que los puntos de consenso del acuerdo entre los aspirantes a la candidatura presidencial del PLD quedaron apropados, dejando pendiente otros puntos para ser discutidos en comisión los que serán aprobados definitivamente del eni la reembé 6 morning.


Among the points approved is the pre-selection of the presidential candidate for the 2024 elections, no later than October 2022.

Mariotti added that “these elections will be held within the framework of open primaries, similar to the process in which comrade Gonzalo Castillo, the candidate for the presidency of the republic, was chosen.”

University Authority

During Monday’s meeting, a university committee was formed headed by Johnny Pujols, member of the Political Committee, whose responsibility is to coordinate everything related to university life in general and in a private way with the Autonomous University. Santo Sunday (UASD).

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Similarly, it was decided to request the Forum of Political Parties of the Dominican Republic (FOPPPREDOM) to allow the PLD to participate in the said event as observers.

To this end, the organization will, on Tuesday 16 November, send a letter to the current President of the Forum, Juan Cohen, and its Secretary-General, José Francisco Peña Guaba, requesting permission to participate in their meetings as an observer.

The meeting was also attended by Plutarco Perez, Deputy Secretary-General of the party, and members of the Political Committee Victor Suarez, Johnny Pujols, Cristina Lizardo, Rafael Paz and Jose Dantes Diaz.

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