PLD will continue to focus on the internal renewal process and not on the opposition

PLD will continue to focus on the internal renewal process and not on the opposition

The Secretary-General of the Dominican Liberation Party, Charlie Mariotti, said that this party would focus “at this time” on the internal renewal of its organizations, and not on conducting political opposition to the government of President Louis Abenader.

“Everything must go his way, there are priorities that we must ensure. We have a call from the conference, a mandate from our bases, a mandate from the members of the Central Committee and there we will focus (on renewal),” explained the former senator from Monte Plata.

Mariotti said it was clear that this process would come and emphasized that the DTP is a party with “real” potential to return to power in 2024 and that at present it is the “main opposition party”.

“There is a current political opposition, from day to day, it will touch us all, we are all spokesmen. Now the main lines, the central lines, are drawn by the political committee … Then you have to wait, you have to wait, but this does not mean that we will not oppose, there is an expanded political committee.” Expanded means more speakers. “

The statements of the newly elected Secretary-General came after the conclusion of the first meeting of the political committee of the Democratic Liberation Party to expand its membership, which lasted about four and a half hours.

At that meeting it was decided to create several committees to appoint the various heads of internal secretaries of the Purple Party. These committees will be coordinated by Mariotti. They also announced that this process would last about a month.

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The party’s general secretary also stated that “the meetings of the political committee will cease to be news” because it is usual for them to meet “at least” once a month.

The meeting, which began at about 10:15 am, was chaired by the former President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, who had previously gone to the office of the Secretary-General, which Mariotti classified as a “good sign”. .

There were 44 members out of 45 present and the only excuse was Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal, who did not attend due to the death of his brother.

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