Pochettino, Messi is not affected

Pochettino, Messi is not affected

In just three matches, Mauricio Pochettino dared to do something There is no coach In Lionel Messi’s career, he did this: he took him off the field in a match that was about to live his minutes Decisive.

Incredibly, the PSG coach chose it Dispensing Leo when the duel was against Leon 1-1 The game had a quarter of an hour left.

soccer player gesture to reject His compatriot’s decision immediately goes around the world and even notices his nature… Messi has never been and never will be view A luxury, so if he does not get hurt, it is not understood under what argument he can be sent to the podium.

Pochettino’s boldness is great and he immediately feels that these kinds of decisions don’t align with Leo, other than the fact that arguments will abound in the sense that the strategist is in everything he has. right To perform the movements that you consider best.

Nobody here is questioning Authority from Pochettino; However, he must be the first to understand that he is not dealing with another player, and only because of this factor, he is. unacceptable His first option for a change in an open match is to remove Messi from the field.

in the analysis simplistic PSG will be said to have won without Leo on the field, regardless of the fact that 2-1 was a last-minute header from Mauro Icardi that had nothing to do with the absence of “30”.

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it was just the third Messi’s match with his new team (24 minutes in the first, 90 minutes in the second and 74 now) and the demand is already there capital letter So that he and the rest of the club’s stars act as if it was ’11’ from video game.

The Argentine did not play badly against Lyon, in the first half in which he was very close to making his debut as a top scorer, at first in a great combination with Neymar who left him the goal on a tray with ‘PisaditaLeo missed it, and then with a free kick hit the haircut.

In the sequel, before Pochettino knocked him out, Messi and the rest of PSG certainly looked weakBut it is known that he can do that at any moment they change A game, a condition that the coach did not notice.

that it Unprecedented Watch Messi leave the field if it isn’t due to an injury or applaud him in a game that has been resolved, and more. the new watch public anger towards the coach.

First and foremost, Pochettino? There is not much puzzle In this: Messi is not touches. basic.

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