Pocho Guzmán and Pollo Briseño had small rotations after the match

Pocho Guzmán and Pollo Briseño had small rotations after the match

Warm ended the duel between Chivas and Cruz AzoL, as there was an attempt to fight between players of the two teams and also between members of the Guadalajara club.

He was Victor Guzman and Antonio Briceñowhich occurred after Saddam’s whistle a small conflict, which did not happen to the soldiers.

was when El Pocho asked El Pollo to stay on the field to celebrate with his teammatesbut the defender was carried into the locker room by a member of the Serbian coaching staff, Veljko Paunović.

After what happened, it was Pauno himself who confirmed this Just a small scratch that didn’t get worse.

“First of all, Pocho is doing what he has to do, the captain wants the whole team to come out and greet the crowd after a great win. Then there is a misunderstanding because The coaching staff is obligated to see what happenssince there was a bite with the chicken, we told him to (get out) go inside, because we didn’t want something to come together, and they were going to come out of the red piece.

It was a misunderstanding and nothing moreEveryone celebrates in the locker room, as they should. Again, it’s a great set. The goal was, as I said, 31 points was the target today, and next Saturday it’s 34. This is how things are achieved, with humility and work, and tomorrow people are called to work and begin what will be a crucial week for this group.

During the match Briseño had problems with various elements of Cruz Azulincluding Uriel Antuna and the Chivas coaching staff did not want any more problems with the defense.

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