Politicians’ reaction to the departure of Danilo Rueda and the appointment of Oti Patiño

Politicians’ reaction to the departure of Danilo Rueda and the appointment of Oti Patiño

This afternoon, Wednesday, November 22, President Gustavo Petro announced the departure of Danilo Rueda, who until a few hours ago was the High Commissioner for Peace and the main head of government, to promote rapprochement with the armed groups. Who wants to engage in the policy of “comprehensive peace”.

Rueda’s replacement will be Oti Patiño, a former member of the M-19 movement who has so far been the government’s chief negotiator in ongoing dialogues with the National Liberation Army (ELN) militia. “Oti Patiño will manage the operations towards peace in the country, and I thank Danilo for all his tremendous efforts.” The president wrote Through his account X, formerly Twitter.

Danilo Rueda. | picture: Anatolia via Agence France-Presse

Reactions to the departure of Danilo Rueda

After the sudden announcement by the Supreme President, reactions varied across social networks, especially celebrating the departure of the current High Commissioner for Peace.

The Senator from the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal, asked the official to clarify some of the complaints made regarding the public force. “Before Danilo Rueda leaves, let him explain to the country the complaints regarding the secret agreements to remove the public force from El Platado, Cauca.” books.

Oti patino

Oti patino | picture: Julian Mora

Likewise, Congresswoman Carolina Arbelaez stated that it was “unsustainable” to keep Rueda in office, and referred to him as one of those responsible for “empowering” armed groups in some areas of the national territory.

He added: “He was able to spend $17 million a day to travel by private plane and helicopter, but he was unable to implement the $1.2 billion to implement the peace agreements in Havana.” question.

Danilo Rueda, High Commissioner for Peace before the Constitutional Court.

Danilo Rueda. | picture: Constitutional court

In addition, the Congressman strongly supported Oti Patiño, expressing full confidence that peacebuilding in Colombia was in good hands.

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