Polmaru game, future NBA

Polmaru game, future NBA

Facundo Campazzo came to the NBA to make an impact and gradually gain followers. With a daring and daring match, Cordovan was entering the heart of a fan and today he is another one on the Denver Nuggets. However, from Spain, photos arrive indicating that Vaccio will not be the only Argentine who does not respect US defenses in the best league in the world..

Leandro Polmaru, Who was drafted last year in the North American Championships, doesn’t have much to cut before joining the Minnesota Timberwolves as a team. And they look up to it in Minneapolis.

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Is that last weekend the guy from Barcelona showed the quality and technique he has when playing basketball. In a style similar today to Facu, where individual abilities are enhanced through luxury and aesthetics, It is one of the great promises not only of Argentine basketball, but also the world over. Despite his defensive abilities, he has been a brilliant shine lately in attack, with great accuracy in field shots. And in a play for Endesa, he was able to show that he had an impressive future and much-needed versatility to excel in the United States.

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Playing for Barca against Juventus de Badalona (80-62), the 20-year-old athlete had the potential to counter-attack hand in hand with a defender.That separates it from the edge. Polmaru did not hesitate or try to pass: He raised his head, encountered great confidence and in full defense put on a master belt to be the only one on the way to the hoop.

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With two steps, he reached it to get up and dumped it all in the basket, in front of the journalists’ eyes, and his opponents were amazed. Alongside the show, he contributed ten points, three rebounds, three assists, recovered the ball and put a cap at 24’40.

With plays like this, Pablo Brigioni and the rest of Timber Wolves are excited to see him in the NBA. There is still some time, however Every time there is a lower applicant so that there is more than one Argentine in the best basketball on the planet.

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