Pope Francis receives a mysterious phone call in public

Pope Francis receives a mysterious phone call in public

Pope Francis was surprised today when he received a phone call in public, at the end of the general public with believers, a conversation provoked a great intrigue.

After completing the general presence of the Pope in the Paul VI Hall VaticanSuddenly one of his assistants came to tell him something and then gave him a cell phone.

It was seen how Francis, covered by that collaborator, who had turned his back on the faithful, responded to the call and talk for a few moments With his interlocutor, with a calm face and pointing hands, but In front of the television cameras Who took over the scene?

The Pope even momentarily emerged from the booths of Paul VI Hall and then returned and proceeded to bid farewell to the faithful who had been waiting for him, as he usually does.

Francisco spoke for a few moments with his interlocutor. EFE / EPA / A. Carconi

it’s about An unusual gesture that is often written about In recent hours, though, none of the Vatican and its communication devices have hinted at these images.

Clearly, it was an urgent call that could not be postponed because his assistant’s phone had been cut off when the session was about to end.

The phone screen reads the name of Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra, substitute for the Secretariat of the State of the Vatican.

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