Pope Francis rules out resignation… for now

Pope Francis rules out resignation… for now

(CNN) – Pope Francis strongly denied rumors of a possible resignation due to health problems in an interview with Reuters published on Monday.

“It never occurred to me, it never occurred to me. At the moment no. But the time will come when I see that I can’t do it [su trabajo]. “I will, and the great example of Pope Benedict was a very good thing for the Church,” Pope Francis told Reuters in an exclusive interview.

Francis went on to say that “the Vatican is the last European court of absolute monarchy” and that “sorcery and court spirit still exist in the Vatican.”

The pope said he sustained a “small fracture” in his knee when he took a wrong step while the ligament was inflamed. He also joked about the cancer rumors: “The doctors didn’t tell me anything about it.”

Francisco shared details about his knee problems that doctors strongly advised him to avoid A trip to two African countries which was scheduled to take place on 2-7 July. “I am fine, and I am getting better little by little. Technically, it has already been calcified thanks to the laser, physiotherapy and magnetic therapy,” Pope said.

The interview took place on Saturday afternoon at the Pope’s residence in the Vatican.

Francis is still planning to visit Russia and Ukraine

The pope said his plans still included visits to Russia and Ukraine.

“I would like to go, it is possible that I can go to Ukraine. The first thing is to go to Russia to try to help in some way but I would like to go to both capitals,” Francis said in an interview with Reuters.

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Pope Francis also said he plans to travel to Canada at the end of July, after which he would like to visit both Moscow and Kiev.

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