Portis, on Mirotic Punch: ‘It was bull culture’

Portis, on Mirotic Punch: ‘It was bull culture’

phase Bobby Portis in ChicagoThe current player and champion The NBA in 2021 With the Milwaukee Bucks, he’s had more lights on the outside than on the field. Six years later Incident with Miroticwhere the forward force delivered a punch to a star now Barcelona In training, Portis opens up about what happened.

inside of 28 years Talk about celebrities Podcast The old man and the threel JJ Reddickformer NBA player during 15 seasons And Tommy switch. He meant Portis coup Various jaw fractures lmirotic. “This wasn’t the first time we’ve done this. Everyone did it in the Bulls. it was ours culture. We all got into fightscommented the Bucks player.

“It was one of those situations where he and I were We were going back and forth On the roadThe 2021 NBA Champion continued.I score, score, score, score. And he was like ‘me, me, me. I didn’t like it and He pounced on me and pushed meHe described it during the conversation.

Bobby Portis congratulates Nikola Mirotic on the Bulls’ victory over the Pacers.Jonathan DanielFrance Press agency

The incident marked a before and after in Portis’ life. “It was one of those little things This changes your life. It made me a better person And the best basketball playerHe answered Riddick’s question. NBA He is punished with eight matches outside the fields. “When I got back from commenting, I had to let people know What was it worth And that I can really play“, Be Honest.

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During that time, a haze my nameAnd my reputation and my imageHe concluded his conversation about the incident with Mirotic. Portis has mentioned this in several interviews Get close to your family “It changed his life”, and that this incident marked a turning point in his career.

Bucks welcomed him with open arms, without looking at his record. “I will remain indebted to you to Milwaukee. Come here and be able to Wash my face And my name and show everyone that I am more than what the press says about me“, I finish.

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