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Arsenal From October 20, 2021 to value $73 million. The winning numbers are:


Arsenal: 05

How do you play Arsenal?

to win the 73 million The dollars and the five white balls (in any order) must match your numbers And Arsenal red ball.

At the other end, if only one or two white balls match and No In Arsenal matches, you won’t win anything. You will have to go to work tomorrow.

But there are other ways you can win:

  • If five white balls match, in what order, but No Arsenal the ball, then you’ll get a million dollars. The odds of this are just over 1 in 11.6 million.
  • If four out of five white balls match And The Powerball that will win you $50,000. The odds of this are just over 1 in 913,000.
  • Profits drop dramatically after that. You have two ways to win $100: they have to match four out of five of the white balls or the three white balls And Arsenal.
  • Next is your chance to win $7. You win $7 if you match 3 of the 5 white balls or you match 2 white balls And Arsenal.
  • For $4, that can be used to buy two more Powerball tickets if you like. You will get this if they match a white ball And Arsenal or if they only match Arsenal.

Here is a list of each state where you can buy tickets to play Powerball

Powerball tickets are sold wherever Mega Millions tickets are sold, so you can use the Mega Millions map Here Find out exactly where tickets are sold in your state. Or scroll through the list below and find the link that will take you directly to where you can search for a location near you, by state.

Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Alabama: Arsenal is not played here.

Alaska: Arsenal is not sold here.

Arizona: Find a retailer Here .

Arkansas: Find out where to play or find a ticket vending machine Here .

California: California has more than 23,000 locations. Find the closest to you Here Or find the luckiest dealers near you.

Colorado: Check your local dealer’s luck Here .

Connecticut: Find a dealer Here . Search by store name, city, county, or zip code.

Delaware: Wonderful Here To see where to buy a ticket nearby and view the map.

Florida: Enter your postal code Here To find a ticket store near you.

Georgia: Skip the retail store and buy online from the official Georgia lottery website Here.

Hawaii: Arsenal is not sold here.

Idaho: Find a dealer Here .

Illinois: Skip the line and shop online at the Illinois website Here .

Indiana: See map and list Here .

Yeah: Most stores and gas stations allow you to play, but call first to confirm. Find a dealer Here .

KS: Find a dealer Here .

Kentucky: Skip the lines and shop online Here .

Louisiana: there he is where do you play .

who: Enter your zip code or city/city to find a location near you Here .

Maryland: Find a retailer using the map or search by ZIP Here .

Massachusetts: Wonderful Here To find out where to play near you, whether agents or KENO locations

Michigan: Save time and buy online. Move to Arsenal and click “Buy Now”.

Minnesota: Find a dealer Here .

Mississippi: Arsenal is not played here.

Measurement: Find retailers Here .

Montana: Find convenience stores, supermarkets, or gas stations near you, but call first if you’re running late.

Nebraska: Find a dealer by zip code or city Here .

Nevada: Arsenal is not played in this case.

New Hampshire: Skip the lines and shop online at Home here . A minimum purchase of $5 is required, which can be two tickets and Power Play.

New Jersey: Find a dealer and see the map Here . Search by zip code or city within 5 miles.

New Mexico: Attempt Play at the pump for the easiest option.

New York: See a map or find a dealer by city or zip code Here .

North Carolina: Find locations near you by zip code or county Here .

North Dakota: Find a dealer Here . or get selection & amp; Click Subscribe to play online.

Ohio: Find a dealer near you Here . There are more than 9,000 in Ohio, including 1,400 KENO monitor locations.

Oklahoma: Many gas stations and stores sell tickets, but call first.

Oregon: To find a retailer, click Here Then click “Find Dealer”.

Pennsylvania: View the map and find locations within a mile by address, city or zip code Here .

Rhode Island: Find a retailer On the home page Using the green box “Find a retailer” and entering your zip code or city.

South Carolina: Find a dealer Here .

Dakota Del Sur: Look for gas stations or stores, but call first if you’re nearing a deadline.

Tennessee: See the full list of where to play Here Or enter your zip code at the top.

Texas: Looking for a merchant with a zip code Here .

US Virgin Islands: See the list of retail stores Here . They include K-Mart stores, MoneyGram websites, Richmond Post Office, Scotia Bank, Pueblo Supermarkets, and more.

Utah: Arsenal is not played here.

Vermont: View a map with locations or a list or find the nearest WinStation or dealership near you by city or ZIP Here .

Virginia: You can sign up and play online Here . The minimum deposit is $20. You can also find a place that sells lotteries with your zip code Here .

Washington: Find a grocery store, convenience store, or gas station near you, but call first if you’re running late.

Washington, DC: Just visit the home page Here Click “Where to Play” in the menu at the top of the page.

Virginia Occidental: Enter your zip code or city to find a dealer near you Here .

Wisconsin: Find a list of retail stores by city or zip code Here .

Wyoming: Find a dealer Here .

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