PPD’s Election Commissioner asks for proper disclosure of results on Humacao

PPD’s Election Commissioner asks for proper disclosure of results on Humacao

Electoral Commissioner of the People’s Democratic Party. Gerardo Cruz MaldonadoIt was reported, today, Thursday, that he had requested the Head of the State Elections Commission, Francisco Rosado Colomer, To correct the disclosure of at least four polling stations for the Humaco Senate district.

This, according to the denunciation, is due to data entry errors identified by PPD officials that are affecting the outcome of that election.

On December 31st, I warned that the Popular Party senator’s candidate, Hill Roman, would prevail in that event. The manner and manner in which the works were carried out at the conclusion of the general examination led Central and Eastern Europe itself to commit errors in entering the data, which allowed the disclosure of incorrect information in the regions of Humaco, Monabo and San Lorenzo. Cruz Maldonado said at a press conference that the corrections we are asking for increase 62 votes in favor of Hill Roman.

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The request submitted by Commissioner Cruz under which the Board of Directors of the Office of Electronic Systems and Procedures (Osipe) of the European Economic Community will verify the results of nominations for senators for the Humako region. Cruz understands that corrections to the disclosures on the Central and Eastern Europe website will affect the results of these nominations. If Osipe is able to verify the information, the results revealed so far are expected to be reversed.

According to the result published as of December 31, 2020, by OSIPE, Hill Roman lost the election by 42 votes. However, we have always said that the expedited way in which the work is being performed during audits, especially with JAVAA records, can cause human errors that we must now correct. Hill Roman will win his seat in the end. “When these results are corrected, Hill Roman will win 20 votes,” said Cruz Maldonado.

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Commissioner Cruz refused to sign the validation of the election result for the Senatorial Humacao District until these errors were corrected and made sure that he informed the situation to both the incoming Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau and Candidate Hale Roman, who hope everything will be corrected before the regular session begins in the Senate. . “I cannot rule out the existence of other errors in this region as well as in others in Puerto Rico. Cruz concluded that the form and manner in which this public examination was organized distanced itself from the valuable verification mechanisms used in other events that would have avoided many errors. The report is expected to be received from OSIPE in the coming days.

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