PREPA failures leave customers without power in Carolina, Trujillo Aldo, San Juan and Guinea

PREPA failures leave customers without power in Carolina, Trujillo Aldo, San Juan and Guinea

Several fractures in the high voltage lines running between the transmission centers of Sabana Lana and Monacillos de la Electricity Authority (AEE) left more than 45,000 subscribers without power this morning from the Carolina, Trujillo Aldo, San Juan and Guanapo sectors.

Carlos Alvarado, head of technical operations for the public corporation, pointed out that although the service has already begun to recover in some sectors of Carolina, the Conquistadore and Enconta substations in Trujillo Alto will be out of service and affect sectors of this municipality. San Juan.

Alvarado mentioned it The major error was caused by a line “Overhead” that fell on the bus bar, causing the bus and lines 3100 and 37900 to be out of service.

“The 115 bar is an ‘overhead’ of the broken structure, falling on the 3100 line, 38,000 kW line, which caused the 115 bar to be out of service, with the effect of the 37900 line. Said New day.

Another fault was reported near the old Carolina Driver Services Center (Cesco) in Carolina, where another overhead line fell.

Despite this, Alvarado said the Escorial, Sabana Lana and Carolina Pueblo substations already have electricity service. The rest of the locations without electricity will be able to resume service from noon until the afternoon when the Konkistador and Encondata substations will be energized.

“We are mobilizing island construction workers to participate in both scenarios, stretching from Monacillos to Concistador, and from Sabana Lana to Enconda where Seba de Carolina is located. We are talking about structures over 100 feet high in both sections, so we need special equipment to work on it.” said.

For his part, Jaime Figueroa Jaramillo, president of the Union of Electrical and Irrigation Workers (UTI), condemned WKAQ-580 AM The breakdown was expected yesterday and went unnoticed because a special truck had been damaged for seven months to deal with this type of failure..

“It simply came to our notice then. Yesterday, we called it a hot spot at the Sabana Lana Transmission Center. Do you know why it is not fixed? Because we don’t have a truck. The truck broke down in an accident in Puerto Nuevo seven months ago. In seven months, those who run the power today, those who have been driving it for the last three years, have no ability to solve the problem., He elaborated.

According to Jaramillo, the truck is capable of connecting the 115 and 230 “live” lines. “The comrades are becoming part of the queue, but they could not fix that hot spot on the 115 and 230 switches yesterday because they did not have that truck. Luckily and true, maybe it will happen, it will not happen,” lamented the union leader.

Alvarado, however, denied that the hot spot and damaged truck discovered yesterday were linked to a failure that left thousands of subscribers without electricity. He assured that today’s event was an “isolated situation”.

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That information is incorrect. Yesterday one of the inspectors discovered hot spots as part of the maintenance we do at Sabana Lalana. In the transformer bank, he found a warm spot downstairs. This has nothing to do with the situation this morning. An ‘overhead’ this morning and the San Juan unit is working in that hot spot. This has nothing to do with this, it has nothing to do with the situation this morning, ”he said.

When asked how the truck was, Alvarado pointed out that it had been out of service since the crash due to ongoing investigations, but argued that Priba had purchased two vehicles of this type, which had not yet arrived on the island.

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