Prosecutor files charges and orders prison sentences for two former defense ministers and thirteen other people for the purchase of Drov helicopters | Politics | News

Prosecutor files charges and orders prison sentences for two former defense ministers and thirteen other people for the purchase of Drov helicopters |  Politics |  News

The hearing takes place at the National Court of Justice (CNJ). Fifteen people participate.

acquisition of Seven Dhruv helicopters in 2008, By the Ministry of Defense, motivated Prosecutor’s Office This Wednesday, the head of state indicted fifteen people for the alleged crime of embezzlement.

Luis Rivera, National Court of Justice (CNJ) judge, fixed the hearing at 08:00, and Prosecutor Diana Salazar detailed the elements that make the supposed wrongdoing.

will share The Former Defense Ministers Javier Pons and Wellington Sandoval.

The former commander of the Air Force is also part of the list of those the attorney general’s office believes were involved in the events. Rodrigo Borques, former Executive Director of the National Defense Council Carlos Morales, former FAE Chief of Staff and Chairman of the FAE Recruitment Committee in the process of acquiring Leonardo Barreiro helicopters.

So do Eduardo Esparza and Jorge MejiaAnd Dean (sp) of the FAE, Luis Valverde and Merwin Villagrán, members of Recruitment Committee of FAE in the helicopter acquisition process.

In addition, Vicente Illescas and Wilson Alemán, Colonel (sp) of FAE, Marco Flores and Jaime Encalada, Lieutenant Colonel (sp) of FAE, Captain of the National Navy frigate (sp) Gonzalo Estevez and Petty Officer (S) of the Francisco Torres Land Force , who were Members of the Bid Analysis Committee in the helicopter acquisition process.

According to Salazar, although it was said the need for planes He had no justification Statistically or technically The number of helicopters to be acquired, Why not eight, why not six? asked himself.

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He added that a decision was promoted to announce the purchase of emergency helicopters for the sole purpose of Infringement of the principles of public procurementusing the exception.

In addition, there was a modification of the pre-contract documents Suppress and eliminate technical requirements Established in the rules.

The Public Prosecutor emphasized that the emergency declaration was for a single purpose Direct acquisition of Hull Corporation (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) of India.

Salazar added it Contract not fulfilled With emerging budgets because the piecemeal delivery was accepted and the operation of the aircraft was not guaranteed.

“Helicopters Not integrated properly With its basic navigational tools and components…”.

Salazar stated that there was not only an economic loss, but also a loss of human life.

Of the seven Dhruv helicopters acquired by the Ecuadorean Air Force (FAE), Salazar explained that Four of them were injured With the remaining three deaths (between 2009 and 2015) and three aircraft crippled due to structural failures.

Company sues state to unilaterally terminate Dhruv helicopter contract

“This recruitment process Defective from the preparatory stage Until it is implemented, the systematic actions of its officials violate the duty and obligation to ensure proper public administration,” he said.

And they did not meet Airworthiness certificates.

I know They spent 63 million dollars, Indicated, according to an accounting expert from which the costs of state investment in the operation and operation of helicopters were determined.

So, in his opinion, there was embezzlement and He requested pre-trial detention of fifteen persons as a precautionary measure, He stressed that it was seeking to ensure the appearance of the accused and that some people had left the country.

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from Sandoval, who was defense minister Between 2007 and 2008, Attorney General Salazar indicated that she requested and agreed to a declaration of emergency for the purchase of helicopters. Without any legal or technical motive, Since the country’s emerging needs in the field of air defense are directed towards the acquisition of radars, jet aircraft and the third aircraft for the purchase of these helicopters.

Regarding Pons, Salazar said that he was defense minister between 2008 and 2012 and signed a helicopter purchase contract with Hull whose annexes differ from the offer, and The reception committee was ordered not to record the news It exists because the sole purpose is for the state to take in these “defective” helicopters to generate thrust.

After the attorney general’s office justified, Judge Rivera ordered the hearing to be halted after 11:00. (I)

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