Prosecutor’s Office finds Debanhi Escobar’s phone: search for a specialist for messages, calls, photos | Univision News Latin America

Prosecutor’s Office finds Debanhi Escobar’s phone: search for a specialist for messages, calls, photos |  Univision News Latin America

Debanhi Escobar’s mobile phone has been found immersed in water. This was confirmed by the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Public Ministries of Nuevo Leon, Luis Enrique Orozco.

In an interview with Multimediaos on Monday afternoon, the official said that the package had been found Not right next to the corpsebut she was in the water.

It was the girl’s body Found last Friday April 22 In a tank at the Nueva Castilla motel on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo motorway. According to the official, the prosecution is looking for a specialist in forensic analysis of communication devices to find out their content.

Researchers are particularly interested in Messages, calls and photoswhich allows finding evidence of what happened in the early hours of April 9 in the municipality of Escobedo.

Orozco mentioned he was there too Call log request From the law student’s phone to the phone company she used.

In any case, the information that can be removed from the mobile device will help prosecutors in the case to more accurately reconstruct the last moments of the young woman’s life from the moment she took the taxi to her last steps near the motel.

They don’t know if he used his phone at the hotel.

Although Orozco stated that the photos are still being analyzed, he confirmed that they appear -As reported on Monday- A Debanhi person walks alone across the access to the motel.

Then he was seen in the restaurant area as he seemed to look inside through the glass. Later, he is seen walking from side to side and then heading parallel to the fence that borders the building and the highway to Laredo.

“At the end of this road, in the same direction that she was going to go Meet the three pits that make up the tomb in which I was found lifeless,” Orozco said.

The official did not specify whether during Escobar’s trip inside the building, the girl was ever looking for or using her cell phone.

In recent days, it has been suggested that Escobar’s mobile phone It could have been downloaded Or he didn’t have credit to go online or make phone calls, so he didn’t have the opportunity to seek support through him.

During the 13-day search, Mario Escobar, the young woman’s father, confirmed that staff from the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Missing had given him hope of finding his daughter alive thanks to GPS phone tracking.

This Tuesday, experts from the Public Prosecutor’s Office that specializes in femicide arrived at the hotel to gather new evidence that may provide more clues about what happened to Escobar.

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