Purple Party completes its update

Purple Party completes its update

After a four-hour vote, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) yesterday elected 34 new secretaries and working groups.

After 9:00 a.m., leaders and activists from different secretariats of the Purple Party began registering at registration centers prepared for the event.

Of the 1,243 members of the Central Committee, 71.60% (890) were elected to new positions in the above-mentioned governing bodies.

Following the inauguration of former President Danilo Medina and PLD President, the nominees were announced by PLD General Secretary Charlie Marioti.

Medina advised those elected to serve for the party and believes that “there is no reason why the PLD should not win in 2024”. On his side, Mariotti insisted that “for almost 20 years we have not elected secretaries and secretaries.”

“This is a historic, democratic and surprising event, entering the phase of restructuring and renewal of the Dominican Liberation Party,” he said.

The list of winners was headed by Hector Olivo, Communications; Alejandrina German, political formation; Julio Caesar Valenton, International Relations; Rafael Sanchez Cordenas, Health; Andres Mercedes, Education; Milton Reyes, Higher Education Science and Technology; Olgo Fernandez Rodriguez, Public Works.

Eduardo Selman, Finance; Ruben Pichara, Enlace y Communicacian intern; Cadiz Corporan, Energias o Minas; Giovanni Leipa, Business and Commerce; Alfonso Urana, Environment; Winston Santos, Social Security; Soderio Ramares, sports; Michael Matos, youth; Rhodes Camacho, Magistrates Affairs and others.

The event took place at the Sans Susie Convention Center, under the auspices of the Central Electoral Board (JCE). For voting, there were 50 automatic voting support machines.


To celebrate this election day of the Dominican Liberation Party, 34 ballots were introduced to the voting committees, of which the holders of the same number of secretariats were electronically selected.

Danilo Thias, Miriam Cabral, Armando Garcia, Rafael Boss, Thelma Eusebio, Emerson Vegaso, Izuri Delcato and Juan Luis Bello were in charge of coordinating and directing the election of this event.

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