Putin insists on “looking in the mirror” after calling Pita a “killer.”

Putin insists on “looking in the mirror” after calling Pita a “killer.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday urged his US envoy Joe Biden to “look in the mirror” after calling him a “murderer” in a television interview.

Putin put aside any contradictions and wished for “good health,” according to the Spatnik News Agency.

“There have been difficult, dramatic and bloody events in the history of both countries. But when we approach another person, when we talk about other states and other people, we are always looking at ourselves in a mirror,” he stressed. “We always see ourselves there.”

Therefore, Putin has responded to Biden’s controversial comments as a result of a US intelligence report that the Russian government interfered in the November 3 presidential election, now in support of former President Donald Trump.

“My American opponent’s statements concern me personally. What can I say to him? I will say: Be healthy!” In this sense, he wished him good health and made it clear that he was not contradictory or playing jokes.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia. “The United States and its government generally seek to have a specific relationship with us, but only in areas that are favorable to them and under their conditions,” he stressed.

“Even though they think we are the same, we are very different. We have different genetic, cultural differences and moral codes … they must accept it in spite of all efforts to undermine our development. They must live with it despite sanctions and insults,” he said. Said.

For her part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sajarova has accused Washington of bringing bilateral relations to a “stalemate.” “Not only that, they have done it with their own ideology,” he assured.

In addition, he lamented the “demonization” of Russia by the United States, which he considers to have “reached its limits.” “This is a sign that they already need to change something within themselves. They need to find new steps and, above all, return to reality,” he stressed.

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