Real Madrid – Leipzig | Champion: Marco Rose: “We had chances, but Real Madrid never fails”

Real Madrid – Leipzig |  Champion: Marco Rose: “We had chances, but Real Madrid never fails”

Leipzig coach He thinks his team deserved a better result than Bernabeu. He thinks they forgave the first time and Madrid I didn’t fail the moment I was the best.

Match Scale: “We had chances, but in the last moments we had moments of weakness, and instead they took advantage of the opportunities they had. We were able to stop Vini on the wings, but we couldn’t do it well in the area. It’s a bit bitter, because I think we would have deserved it. A little more. Although we played well for most of the match, some mistakes caused it. We have to think about Mönchengladbach.”

Defense as a weak point: “I don’t have the same impression, we defended actively. We had a stage where they were very dominant, but we did a lot of things well, we had chances to score, in the second half. Timo stood alone in front of the goalkeeper “It’s normal that there are stages where Real gain Madrid has advantages and progress on the field, this is normal. At no point in time, I had the feeling that we were completely out of control. They had to make an effort to win. This is the way to go “From these experiences, you have to learn.”

Madrid’s drawing surprised him: “He played well, they won. They had to do things well to beat us. His qualities, we don’t have much to say, about football, his pace, what Luka Modric did, who was a player for many years he has everything and is able to come out of Very difficult situations.Camavinga is a huge player, Alaba…what can I say about the team…even if they change some and put others in, they are the Champions League winners won, and it was deserved.

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Vinicius: “The press conference we answered ten questions about him. He is an extraordinary boy, he has improved a lot recently. Today, we controlled him well, he was not born much, we controlled him from the wings.”

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