Real Spain suffers a heavy defeat against Real Sociedad and is behind in the classification of the current inaugural tournament

Real Spain suffers a heavy defeat against Real Sociedad and is behind in the classification of the current inaugural tournament


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This is how the stand table works

90 + 1 minute change in Real Sociedad. Ronnie Bernardez x Ronnie Martinez.

89 minutes. Yellow card for Clifox Bernardez after a strong intervention against Kevin Alvarez.

87 minutes. Yellow card for Diego Darwin for a foul on Michael Garcia.

83 minutes Denfor Fox becomes a hero and dodges Ramiro Roca’s scream.

80 minutes. Ramiro Roca can’t go inside and send his shot over Fox’s tire.

75 minutes. Yellow card for Christian Paiva from Real Sociedad.

74 minutes. Yellow card for Devron García and Jhow Benavídez.

71 minutes New Change in the Royal Society, Darwin Diego x Minor Arzu.

70 minutes. Perelló saves Real Spain after a powerful shot from Maynor Arz and sends it to the corner kick.

64 minutes change in Real Spain. Marco Ascetono x Pedro Baez.

63 minutes Change in the royal society. Christian Paiva x Jamal Charles

60 minutes. Real Sociedad continues to beat Real Spain at Estadio Rubén Deras in Choloma.

51 minutes A new change in the device. Jao Benavidez x Gerson Chavez

47 minutes Goooooolazooooo from Real Sociedad, after a free kick by Edder Delgado.

46 minutes Three-way change in Real Spain: Ramiro Roca x Carlos Bernardez, Myron Flores, Luis Garrido, Junior Lacayo x Alejandro Reyes

The first 45 minutes are more and Real Sociedad beat Espara 2-1.

42 minutes Pedro Paez loses it again in a one-on-one confrontation with Fox, the star in the vertical position and in the counter-attack, Antúnez takes it from the goal line.

36 minutes. GOOOAAAL for Real España and the work of Carlos Bernárdez, who tapped a loose ball in the area and finished with his left foot to defeat Fox.

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35 minutes Pedro Paez approached the opponent after a massive header and Fox sent it to the corner kick.

33 minutes. Dester Monica missed Real Sociedad’s third goal in a one-on-one match with Pirillo, who fired his shot and sent the ball into a corner kick.

26 minutes Real Sociedad was saved after a fatal error by Pedro Paez, who tried to look good at first, but couldn’t, slate again and send it over the goal.

19 minutes Real Spain were close to the opponent through Alejandro Reyes, who crossed Fox’s goal.

15 minutes. GOOOOOL for Real Sociedad. Arzú spends Jewel and Perelló is left unemployed.

11 minutes. Real Sociedad continues to beat Real Spain, who are looking for a way to reach a draw.

04 minutes. GOOOALLLL. A massive shot from Dester Monica and from a distance beat Michelle Pirello.

The match begins at RUBÉN DERAS and we invite you to experience all the action minute by minute.

Teams jump onto the playing field at Ruben Deras Stadium to start the challenge in Choloma City.

Real Sociedad announces an excellent team: D. Fox, De Martinez, J. Charles, R. Martinez; Matut K, Antunes M, E Delgado, S Buzantes; K. Bernárdez, D. Mónica and M. Figueroa.

Real Spain and Real Sociedad meet at the Ruben Deras Stadium in Choloma.

Round 12 of the current inaugural National League Championship kicks off today at Estadio Rubén Deras, with Real Spain receiving a visit from Real Sociedad.

The two teams met in 44 matches in the National League, with Real Spain winning 17 matches, and Real Sociedad 15 and drawing 12.

This will be their first challenge at the Ruben Deras Stadium, as those led by Hector Vargas arrive urgently for the win to move up from fifth.

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