Reasons for America’s Failure in Pacquiao

Reasons for America’s Failure in Pacquiao

The dynamics and specific personalities of the Pachuka team dominated the United States at the top of the series

Pacquiao had a crucial victory in the first leg of the quarterfinals at Hidalgo Stadium, which ended 3-1 in favor of Hidalgo, and topped the local table with Felipe Bardot.

Provided this, in ESPN Digital We present the reasons for the success of Bella Erosa.


Felipe Bardot became the star of Tucson throughout his acting career. The South American midfielder drove the opponent’s defense frantically, living his best minutes as he dominated George Sanchez in the second half and closed his performance with the second goal of the match.

The United States has suffered from stagnant milk

One of the most affected aspects of Santiago Solari’s team is the set pieces because the defenders were unable to stop the rivals. Oscar Murillo, Gustavo Cabral and Eric Aguirre caused damage in the back, the last of which was also able to open the scoring with a header with a corner kick.

Target from Suarez

The only happy arrival goal the feather team had was born, which was born out of a good play by Leo Suarez, who got from the right side in the last minutes of the first half, hooked the center and finished with the left foot at the angle to win the Oscar.

Dynamics of Duos

The visiting team lost their records in the last half hour of the match and could not stop what Aguirre, Francisco Fikurova, Eric Sanchez and Vector Guzman were doing, they entered to finish driving behind madly, which saw Chavez’s third goal saved by a fourth goal.

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