Rebel Wilson has received messages of concern about her latest photo

Rebel Wilson has received messages of concern about her latest photo

(CNN) – It was Rebel Wilson Documenting your fitness experience on social media for over a year A recent post alarmed some of his followers.

Star of “Pitch Perfect” Post a still photo of a production on his verified Instagram account She explains how much weight she’s lost, writing in the caption: “Hey baby, you can. I know it’s hard now, I know you’re trying to deal with things, but let’s keep getting up every day we’re going to break it; exercise, hydrate, feed your body with food High quality… Show your bright mind and big heart.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “Remember your vision.” “I love you”.

The image of Rebel Wilson causes concern among his followers.

Some of his famous friends, such as Paris Hilton, lent their support in the comments, as did many of Wilson’s lesser known followers.

Some asked if the actress was okay, and one noted that “people forget that celebrities also have normal struggles.”

However, Wilson appears to be fine, as the next photo she posted was apparently of her on the set of “Year Senior” on Netflix filmed in Atlanta.

“#HotGirlSummer #Hotlanta who’s with me?” So says the caption for Wilson wearing sunglasses and holding what looks like a tropical drink in a pineapple.

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