Redesign of Walker Martinez begins in Huépil: the space will act as a park | National

Redesign of Walker Martinez begins in Huépil: the space will act as a park |  National

After the approval of one billion pesos through the regional government, reconstruction work has begun on a street in Huépil, in the municipality of Tucapel, where various improvements to the community will be made.

After agreeing to one billion pesos, Remodeling work has begun on Walker Martinez in Huépilmunicipality TokabelIn the Bío Bío region,
Where various improvements will be made to the community.

This region received funds to improve this route through negotiations with the regional government.

Lucia Campos, a Strip resident, commented on what the jobs would mean for them as residents. “It will give a great boost to our neighbors,” he said.

His words were joined by another resident, Osvaldo Jara, who said they had been waiting for the news for years.

The mayor, Jaime Veloso, indicated that the department will be remodeled, giving a new impression to the aforementioned avenue in Huépil.

The authority specified “We are very happy to be able to reconfigure the civic center of the Tucapel region (…) This street is very important in terms of the urban section”.

The space will serve as a park and will contemplate street paving, sidewalk construction, tree planting, green spaces, siding, urban furniture, as well as pedestrian lights.

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