Removal of restrictions on sporting and recreational activities

Removal of restrictions on sporting and recreational activities

The Minister for Sports and Recreation (DRD), Ray Quiñones Vázquez, announced on Saturday the lifting of restrictions and restrictions on health measures against COVID-19 at sporting and leisure events in Puerto Rico.

“It is permitted to celebrate all sports and recreational activities, without having any limitation or restriction with regard to health measures. Likewise, restrictions on the ability of the public in sports and recreational facilities have been abolished,” Quinones Vazquez said in written statements.

The official indicated that after consulting with the Ministry of Health, from July 5, the DRD will determine the regulations applicable to sports and recreational activities on the island.

However, Quiñones Vázquez stated that “the above provisions will become invalid if the Ministry of Health has other guidelines, which will prevail over them”.

Likewise, it was clarified that both the participants and those involved in the organization of any sporting or recreational event must provide evidence of the completion of vaccination.

Meanwhile, at events of more than 500 people, proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will be required. According to the press release, it will not be necessary to use a muzzle for fully vaccinated people, with the exception of minors aged between two and 11 years, when they are not engaged in physical activity.

In addition, these minors must provide evidence of a negative test at least 72 hours prior to the event.

“The responsibility to ensure compliance with this guideline lies with the organisation, sports federation, club or organizer of a sporting or recreational event,” said Quiñones Vázquez.

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“I trust faithful compliance with these guidelines and the cooperation of our entire athletic community to ensure the health, safety and health of all athletes and athletes,” he said.

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