Reopening of remittance shipments to AIS cards in US dollars in Cuba

Reopening of remittance shipments to AIS cards in US dollars in Cuba

After weeks of uncertainty and difficulties, the service of sending transfers to AIS USD cards has finally been restored, announced Tocopay, one of the platforms linked to Fincimex.

AIS cards are a financial product that allows payments to be made in Cuba only, either in foreign currency or in Cuban pesos.

In this case, it is the AIS USD cards (green) that benefit from this reset, although new cards cannot be ordered yet.

Tocopay highlights the advantages of USD AIS cards: better rate, faster deposits, frequent discounts, and acceptance at USD Servicentros. However, complaints about Fincimex continue, with users reporting issues with the service in general.

The Cuban Financial Corporation, which processes money transfers to Cuba, recently confirmed that it does not do so Pending operations After the banking incident that affected remittances. However, US-based agencies, such as Western Union, have yet to return shipments to the island.

The Sendvalu platform, which offers cash transfers in euros and dollars, also does not have the available choices at the moment.

While the restoration of remittances to AIS cards in USD is good news, according to feedback from those affected, there is still a long way to go before the issues are resolved.

What you should know about AIS USD (green) cards

AIS USD cards, green in color and with numbers starting with 9560, are a type of financial card that allows you to make purchases and get cash in Cuba.

Where can it be used?

  • Cuban businesses that sell in MLC (freely convertible currency): This includes a wide range of stores, from supermarkets to malls and gas stations.
  • Stores with Cuban Pesos: AIS USD cards can also be used in stores that sell Cuban pesos.

How do you get money?

ATMs, banks and CADECA offices: You can withdraw money in Cuban Pesos (CUP) from your AIS USD Card at any ATM, bank or CADECA office.


  • Cannot be withdrawn in currency: Funds in dollars or other foreign currencies cannot be withdrawn from AIS USD cards.
  • Balance Check: Checking the card balance can be a bit complicated, as it cannot be easily done from an ATM or mobile app.

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