Results of the 76kg Women’s Weightlifting in Tokyo 2020, with Olympic Champion Nici Dajoms | Sports other | Sports

Results of the 76kg Women’s Weightlifting in Tokyo 2020, with Olympic Champion Nici Dajoms |  Sports other |  Sports

The Ecuadorian weightlifter won Ecuador’s fourth medal in sporting history.

Weightlifter Nici Dajoms won the second gold medal in the Ecuadorian women’s 76kg event at the Tokyo 2020 Games this Sunday.

The 23-year-old weighed a total of 263 kilograms, 118 kilograms and 145 kilograms of clean and jerk. It was enough to beat American Catherine Vybert (249kg) second and Mexican Army Fuentes (245kg) third.

In the beginning, The Dajomes were shown eighth and last, and those who were there happily received. The 111 kg tricolor flag was not challenged on the first try (06:25 from Ecuador), safely and without any problems. The Amazon woman successfully lifted 115kg and was able to lift 118kg without a third attempt. He exploded with joy and positioned himself on top of the test.

For clean and tidy and nonsense, Dajoms smiled after lifting the initial 135kg. The Ecuadorian is not tired of such a challenge. The concentration and satisfaction of Puyo’s origin was evident. For his second attempt, quite firmly, he lifted 140kg. She showed no suffering, and her countenance was expecting her pre-determined glory. The Dajomes returned to their final attempt at 145kg (approximately 7:35 AM Ecuador time). He believed he had won and shed tears for the judges’ review for the lack of agreement. The effort was recognized and the glory was sealed.

These are the women’s 76kg results of the Tokyo 2020 Weightlifting, according to the order of appearance (X stands for failed attempt):

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1. Kumushkan Faisullewa (Uzbekistan, 6. ° Lukar)

Start: 97 kg, 101 kg (x), 101 kg

Clean and Jerk: 122 kg, 126 kg, 130 kg (x)

2. Patricia Strainius (Sweden, 4th)

Start: 102 kg (x), 102 kg (x), 102 kg

Clean and Jerk: 130 kg (x), 133 kg, 138 kg (x)

3. Daria Namava (Belarus, 5th)

103 kg, 107 kg (x), 107 kg (x)

125 kg, 131 kg, 133 kg (x)

4. Aremi Fuentes (Mexico, 3rd)

105 kg, 108 kg, 110 kg (x)

135 kg, 137 kg, 139 kg (x)

5. Su-hyon Kim (South Korea, disqualification)

106 kg, 109 kg (x), 110 kg (x)

138 kg (x), 140 kg (x), 140 kg (x) – Blanco

6. Catherine Vibert (USA, 2nd)

107 kg, 111 kg, 114 kg (x)

133 kg, 138 kg, 148 kg (x)

7. Irina Teja (Ukraine, disqualified)

110 kg, 113 kg (x), 113 kg

131 kg (x), 131 kg (x), 131 (x) – Blanco

8. Nici Tajoms (Ecuador, 1. °)

111 kg, 115 kg, 118 kg

135 kg, 140 kg, 145 kg


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