Ricardo Cadena presented an innovation in the invitation to visit Chivas Santos

Ricardo Cadena presented an innovation in the invitation to visit Chivas Santos

MX League

The Guadalajara coach announced a list of 21 elements he will look for in Dorian with some youth players.

Imago 7

Sivas lives on A more complicated moment in the Apertura 2022 due to the lack of a target Lived at the start of the tournament, the only team in the entire Mx league After two days he failed to score even onceSo coach Ricardo Cadena prepared a surprise from the call-up for the match against Santos.

to GuadalajaraAnd yet Santiago Ormeno’s presence cannot be counted on, Guadalajara will only await the signing of an agreement to integrate fully with discipline; however, Isaac, the leader of the flock, can trust Brizuela So he can play his first match in Dorian.

In addition to this Rabbit, The helmsman decided to place his vote of confidence in the quarry Sent to organs such as Siverio and the like Sebastian Perez Bouquet, Jose Deba Gonzalez and Gilberto GarciaHe used it in last week’s defeat against Atlético de San Luis.

Guadalajara The first visit of the competition usually goes to the place where it is most difficult for him And the proof of this is that the most recent Rojiblanco win at the Comarca Lagunaera stadium took place in the 2016 Apertura, when the Guadalajara crowd beat G.A goal thanks to Angel Saldivar after a shot from medium distance.

Who is missing?

After the list Riccardo Cadena will face the Dorian team with 21 elements Two non-existents stand out, they are Jesus Sanchez and Paolo Yrizar, Missing elements due to technical decision.

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