Rice growers close the first round as co-leaders

Rice growers close the first round as co-leaders

Swedish basketball club Fostes Bonnet finish first round of the league as co-captain, thanks for the Achieved victory over Villa Real (69-61). The Swedes clearly dominated the first minutes of the game but had to recover from the reaction of the visiting team and got injured. The Swedish fans have always been on the team’s side, with an infectious atmosphere pushing the players in the matches they play on their wing.

6 minutes of the first quarter was the best of the season, Almost perfect, both on offense and defense, with five starting linebackers with tall, dynamic players leaving a 19-0 rally. The visiting team responded with three pointers and managed to stop the local match with more force in order to close the gap in the score: 21-10.

The second quarter is very even

The return of a real villa

The second quarter was a very even one. Lauren Gonzalez players will notice the injury-related absences of point guard Vicente Verscher and shooting guard Felix Clement. Thus, from 23-13 in the 2nd minute, the score moved to 24-21 in the 5th minute. The third mistake of Swedish midfielder Papi Bokar was taken advantage of by Villa Real to tie the match. CE 7: 28-26. The Swedes reacted in the last minutes with a triple from Jose and the good actions of Di Carles, Sergio and Mihai, which allowed them to gain a clear advantage: 41-32.

After the break, the Gonzalez team maintained its defensive and offensive level until the 6th minute, with a score of 54-39, with dominance on the boards of the axes of the Cedars team. But the volatility and effectiveness in attack were taken advantage of by the visiting players, who responded for 5 points: 56-51.

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In the past when anything could happen With players who have committed four personal fouls and fewer substitutes than Vila-Real. The Swedes did not achieve the same success in attack and watched as Castellón’s team closed the differences on the scoreboard: minute 2, 56-54, equalized at minute 6: 61-61. The last four minutes were very exciting, but with great defense and the contribution of the MVP of the game, Sergio Cecilia (21 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and a block), they left the series 7-0 to end up winning 69-61.

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