Ricky: “I’d like to talk to the coach to find out my role.”

Ricky: “I’d like to talk to the coach to find out my role.”

Minnesota does not raise its head. The worst team in the entire NBA lost this morning in Chicago against the Bulls (133-126) by unstoppable Zach Lavigne and added 26 of the season in 33 games. They have had six straight losses to draw 1–10 in their last 11 games. The crisis that kept Ryan Saunders off the bench. His replacement, Chris Finch, has yet to find the key which is unprecedented: two games and two losses. “It’s been three days and we played two games. I think he had a lot on his plate (…). He came and it was a storm for him. After the duel in Illinois, Ricky Rubio told EFE he has to adapt. “

The Spanish keeper is taking advantage of D’Angelo Russell’s injury loss (left knee) to spend more time on the field: Since his teammate’s injury, he has always played more than 22 minutes, with a maximum of 35 minutes against Indiana, where he also achieved his best scores this season with 20 points and 13 Decisive pass. In Chicago, he shot in the 33rd minute with dozens of basket assists and 9 goals, Including three free throws that resulted in additional time dominated by the Bulls.

“I felt more comfortable”

“In the last two weeks, three weeks I felt more comfortable,” the Spanish international admitted to Efe, who, he said, had not made a good start to the season in its second phase with Wolverhampton. He also noted that he has not yet been able to speak to Finch individually: “Of course, at some point I would like to speak (to him) so I know very well what my role is. (…) I also understand that when DLo comes back this will change. But this has been my role for the last few years, all of my NBA career, and that’s when I feel comfortable. “

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Minnesota couldn’t keep up with pushing all-star Zach Lavigne. The goalkeeper, penned by Wolves in 2014, is at the best moment of his career with an average of 28.8 points. This morning it’s fired up to 35 (5/8 of three) To achieve his sixteenth meeting of the cycle with 30 or more goals. Under his baton (and with Billy Donovan on the bench), the Bulls dream again of a return to the playoffs four years later: they finished sixth with a record 15-16 thanks to a five-game winning streak in their last six matches.

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