Rosalia impresses with long socks and a tulle mini dress

Rosalia impresses with long socks and a tulle mini dress

Singer Rosalia La Noce de Anoch’s video is romanticized in a very modern and attractive way Being the queen of the urban genre, with a short mini dress and a pair of long socks. Except for stealing views with his unique style by showing a couple highly marked eyebrows and crystal nails that we have already seen through other videos on his official account.

Of course Rosalia She stands out not only in music, but also in fashion, this time it is no exception, because the Spanish woman is characterized by the imposition of fashion with her luxurious nails, in addition she chooses avant-garde designers who can say a lot with fashion, taking the big diva to the international arena than other Spanish-speaking stars.

Being an epidemic in which the singer is unable to attend many events and is unable to deliver concerts as before, Take the opportunity to set the fashion on your music videos, Which was a total success because he has collaborated with big stars, many of whom are highly anticipated Billy Elish and now Bad Bunny has been a huge success.

Now with the video of La Noce de Anoch, Rosalia is wearing a white tulle dress and black ankle boots, In addition to her crystal nails, singer Bad bunny It looks like a green gown with velvet, wearing a fire effect and looking completely in a romantic atmosphere.

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In terms of beauty, Rosalia wears a low bun update with loose wavy locks, while her large eyebrows refer to Mexican painter Frida Galho, in addition to the video of lead stylist Jill Jacobs (Kardashian stylist) in the music.

For the sake of Valentine’s Day, singers have turned music video into a trend on the networks, and now both artists have won several awards separately due to their musical success. As Rosalia continues with various musical projects, Singer Bad Bunny He announced that he would leave music for a while and engage in acting.

Despite Rosalia being able to be the center of attention, many users wondered if singer Rosalia’s popularity would not be affected because a few months ago she was very close with many celebrities like the Kardashian family, but now no one other than Kendall Jenner is following her on Instagram.

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Many have wondered what happened because Rosalia pretended to be a best friend Kylie Jenner Y. Courtney Kardashian Taking multiple photos at breakfast with friends and of course family dinners. However, now all the rumors may have pushed a limit by being too close to Spanish singer Rapper Travis Scott; Former partner of Kylie Jenner.

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