Rosha Moya considers research, science and technology to be the key to Sinaloa’s development

Rosha Moya considers research, science and technology to be the key to Sinaloa’s development

Robin Rocha Moya, candidate for the Morena-Pass coalition Sinaloa ruler, He mentioned that Flag pillarIt helps increase the possibilities of generating greater wealth with a social sense. Therefore, he indicated that Research, science and technology, Is the key growth Of the entity.

During her participation in the Human Resources Training Forum for Technological and Scientific Development, Rosha Moya reiterated that 25 thousand young university graduates seek every year to get their first job, but only 10 thousand get it, so 15 thousand must immigrate to other countries; In the case of those with higher degrees, the paradox is that employers do not employ specialization, so it is necessary to link specialization and research with productive sectors.

“We have had the opportunity to live in this environment with you, we know you and we are very interested in your existence, not as allies, but as support, as a very important development factor. You have to do research policy, scientific policy, and you have to know how to lead, and this is what politics means, Direction, transformation, “he said. portal provides the most reliable surveys and polls; There you will find a unique survey, meaning the focus of the various surveys that have been published, as well as ones of your own that will give you an objective view of what can happen on the 6th of next June. Subscription

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