Salinas Pliego offers to buy Banamex

Salinas Pliego offers to buy Banamex

Mexico City /

after Announcing the sale of Banamex By Citigroup in Mexico, in the media and On social networks, they began to identify potential buyers Among them, banks and businessmen stand out Ricardo Salinas Bligo That they have the ability to run a bank the size of Banamex.

Surprise in case Salinas Bligo Is that he himself raised his hand to get the bank and through his personal Twitter account even Offered a small campaign to change the schedule and improve the attention of Banamex.

The most exited message was posted by TV owner Azteca (qWhich, by the way, includes Banco Azteca among its ranksIt was where he was described as “changarro” the bank that was put up for sale and aroused mistrust among customers and employees.

Let them say how much changarro they want and see, Citibanamex is open 9-9, 365 days a yearwrote the businessman, who loves to show his most open side on social networks and where he has already received hundreds of messages.

Citi Group decided to put the bank up for sale, and some specialized media, such as Reuters, aim to put it up for sale Canadian banks, a BBVA and even Banorte Like financial groups that can make a purchase of this size.

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