Santiago Matias opens a discussion about who is most influential in El Alfa or Juan Luis Guerra’s music

Santiago Matias opens a discussion about who is most influential in El Alfa or Juan Luis Guerra’s music

Influencer and producer Santiago Matias “Alofoke” annoyed social networks by asserting that in the current era El Alfa is more influential than Juan Luis Guerra.

Alufok said on Twitter that “life is results” especially in music, and comparing the number of singers could ensure that the “Singapore” translator is more influential than the maestro Juan Luis Guaira.

The radio producer wrote: “Life results, at least in music, so I am not afraid to assure that El Alfa in this new digital era makes more numbers and influence in current music than Juan Luis Guerra.”

Netizens immediately began to debate and give their point of view, and many agree with Santiago Matthias while others disagree with him.

“We must wait 20 years of Alpha’s career and the contributions of his music and lyrics, and hope that other artists will record songs for him and fill the places that Juan Luis has filled all over the world, to start this conversation,” he said. Interlocutor Miralpa Ruiz on this topic.

Like Miralba, other people had the same opinion and detailed the achievements of the voice of “The Key to My Heart”.

“Juan Luis’s songs continue over time, and he is internationally recognized and famous by his colleagues, while people do not remember the alpha song in one year, and to talk about the quality of composition, Juan Luis wrote to Luis Miguel, Emmanuel and more,” wrote one user.

Others, however, defended Alofoke’s view, saying that El Alfa has more “numbers” on the digital platforms than the Grammy winner does.

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“That’s right, the Alpha has more numbers and in this new era it is more influential. Beware that this has nothing to do with quality or talent because that’s something else. If Alpha says I want 1,000 guys in a flag square, he’s sure to get them there in a matter of time.” A few hours. ”, Another internet user said.

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