Schedule and where to watch Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022 on TV

Schedule and where to watch Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022 on TV

The Formula 1 Championship He will dispute with him the seventeenth round of the World Championships, which is held in Grand Singapore Street Circuit. After testing was suspended in 2020 and 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, testing returns on the weekend of September 30 to October 2.

Circuit Marina Bay, where this Grand Prix race is held in the Asian country, the calendar came into effect in 2008. The total track is 5,065 meters and a total of 61 laps will be completed in the race. The Singapore GP It leaves stunning visuals, as well as being a weekend to be contested during the Asian night (the race takes place at night, which is exceptional).

asturian Fernando Alonso He was the first track winner, with two wins to his credit. Englishman Lewis Hamilton, who no longer has any chance of winning the Formula 1 world championship after several seasons, also tasted the joys of winning in Yas Marina. Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettelwhich scored four victories.

With regard to classification, Max Verstappen He has a huge advantage with over 100 points under his belt. The Dutchman has 335 points and a total of 11 wins in the season, compared to the 3 wins of his pursuer, Monaco. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). The young rider of the Italian national team barely has 219 points, so Verstappen I can already be a hero.

In third place is the other driver of Red Bull Sergio Perez (Chico) with 210 points. Lewis Hamilton arrives at the F1 Singapore GP He is ranked sixth with 168 points, behind his teammate George Russell (Mercedes)fourth with 203, and the Spaniards Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)fifth with 187.

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Verstappen comes from winning Monza National Autodrome (Italian racing). Not even the red car Ferrariwhich wore Modena yellow on the top of the bonnet and rear wing, to mark the original city tribute to its founder, (Ferrari’s 75th anniversary), was enough to compete a Verstappen. The Dutchman practically has the second consecutive Formula 1 World Cup in his pocket.

Fernando Alonso (Alpine team) ranked tenth in Formula 1 World Championship, with 59 points to his credit. The Asturian veteran, who will be racing with him next season Aston Martinbehind his French partner or with (66 points).

Singapore GP 2022 Formula 1 schedule

Below we detail all the tables The practices, classification and race of the 2022 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Friday 30 September

Free training 1: 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

Free training 2: 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 pm.

Saturday 1 October

Free training 3: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Classification: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Sunday 2 October

The race is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where to watch the Formula 1 Singapore GP 2022?

During this season you can see Formula 1 and therefore the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix Through various options such as DAZN platform or by Movistar Plus. Topic channel Movistar Plus Formula 1 Renamed DAZN F1, DAZN1 and DAZN2 channels are already enabled. You can follow all the live information about The event is on the Mundo Deportivo website.

Enjoy this race live on DAZN Activate your account!

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