Schedules, opening games and where to watch on TV USA and Mexico

Schedules, opening games and where to watch on TV USA and Mexico

This Thursday, March 28, at 3:05 PM EST in the US, the 2024 season MLB, Although we remember it Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres They started the campaign after playing two games in South Korea.

The opening games of 2024 Major League regular season They will be played this Thursday, so there will be a total of 13 games, as two were suspended due to bad weather.

The Angels Angels and Baltimore Orioles They will be the first teams to kick the celebrity Commencement day.

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What is Opening Day and when is it played?

The opening games of the MLB season are called Opening Day. This is usually in late March or early April; It is seen as the perfect opportunity by baseball fans to forget the last season and get excited about the new one.

Janl Commencement Day Only five or seven of the most significant games are played, although they all take place this season, although two have been postponed due to bad weather.

As a remarkable fact, Cincinnati It is the most consecutive city to host this event Red They were the first team in baseball history in America.

Which teams are playing on opening day?

  • Los Angeles Angels vs Baltimore Orioles 3:05 pm ET
  • New York Yankees vs Houston Astros 4:10 pm ET

  • San Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres 4:10 pm ET
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers 4:10 pm ET
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs Miami Marlins 4:10 pm ET
  • Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds 4:10 pm ET
  • Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Rays 4:10 pm ET
  • Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals 4:10 pm ET
  • Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox 4:10 pm ET
  • Chicago Cubs vs Texas Rangers 7:35 pm ET
  • Cleveland Guardians vs Oakland Athletics 10:07 pm ET
  • Boston Red Sox vs Seattle Mariners 10:10 pm ET
  • Colorado Rockies vs Arizona Diamondbacks 10:10 pm ET
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What games are suspended on opening day 2024?

The game of Milwaukee Brewers vs New York Mets It was postponed due to inclement weather (heavy rain) in New York, so the doubleheader will be played on Friday, March 29.

He was also suspended Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Phillies Due to bad weather.

Where can we watch Commencement Day 2024?

All games Commencement date 2024 They can be seen on Poly Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports in the US. You can watch my game in MexicoNew York Yankees vs Houston Astros Via Fox Sports and Star+. The fight Chicago Cubs vs Texas Rangers It will go on ESPN and you can watch the St Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers fight on Star+.

On the other hand, if you don't want to lose anything MLB In the US and Mexico you can buy andl MLB TV, It costs 150 dollars (2,483 pesos) per year.

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